2021 Scholarship & Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference -- ACCEPTED PRESENTERS

The following studies and undergraduate scholars were selected through a highly competitive process to present their work at the 2021 Scholarship and Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference. The schedule for their sessions appears in parentheses. 


Morning Sessions (10.30-11.30pm)

Health, Equity & Communities of Color 

Generational Resistance: Documenting and Analyzing Resistance Strategies Black Women Employ During Pregnancy and Childbirth,  Mariama-Alexis Camara, Amherst College

Mental and Financial Impact of Police Raids in New Orleans, LA: SPRINT Screening and Employment Evaluation of Female Adult Dancers in Bourbon St. Strip Clubs, Alexandra Jaouiche, Tulane University

A Case Study: Linguistic Access for Chinese Immigrants in Alameda County During COVID-19, Becky Liang, Stanford University

LGBTQ+: Subverting Prejudice & Bias 

 “You are Lying”: TERF and Anti-Transgender Prejudice, Lillian Kim, Amherst College

Diagnosing Difference: How the Pathologization of Transgender Identities Facilitates Anti-Transgender Prejudice, Nathaniel Shogren, Amherst College

Seu Amor é Cômico: Sexual Wordplay in Latin American Music, Poetry, and Fiction, Rosa Stern Pait, Tufts University

Mid-Day Sessions (12.30-1.30pm)

ntersections of Education & Identity

Language Justice in the Writing Center, Sarah Raphael, Bates College

Critical Asian American Education: Racial Identity Development in Chinatown Youth, Nora Li, Tufts University

The Algebra Project: Empowerment through Math Education, Catherine Burkhart, Amherst College

Panel D: Policy & Power

Working to Live or Living to Work: Alienation, Participation, and Worker Cooperatives, Noah DiAntonio, Harvard College

Stereotypes and Sexism: Gendered Power Dynamics in Perceptions of Workplace Sexual Harassment, Catherine Gorey, Cornell University

Examining Prison Organizing from 1970-2020: Mass Incarceration and Abolition, Jasmine Sky Nguyen, Stanford University

Social Identity & Stereotypes

The Red Screen Of The Past: Understanding the Complexity of Shared Identity between Ethiopians in the Diaspora, Naomi Yitref, Spelman College

For Whom the Screen Tolls: Online Intergroup Contact and Support for Social Change Among Status Group, Brendan Smith, University of British Columbia

Utilizing the MOSAIC Model to Analyze Stereotypes Based on the Intersectionality of Race, Religion, and Gender, Ifeoma Okoli, Harvard College

Afternoon Sessions (2:30-3:30pm)

Politics & Social Change 

Re-examining Hoffman Plastics Compounds v. NLRB under the Trump Administration, Michelle Goldberg, Cornell University

“De aquí o allá?: Differentiating Discourse on the Diaspora”, Ng Ee Pfen, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Soft Repression and Women's Movements, Amari Rose Leigh, Hamilton College

Digital Poster Presentations (3:45-4:30pm)

Responding to Structural Vulnerabilities in COVID-19: New Mechanisms of Civic Engagement Among Disenfranchised Latinx Communities, Kyle Moon, University of Notre Dame

"They Don't Know How to Complain": How American Schools Have Forgotten Immigrant Parents, Isabel Levin, The University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Language Barriers and Accommodations in United States Clinical Trials, Akila Muthukumar, Harvard College

Analyzing Neoliberal Elements of the Immigration Detention Industry through a Case Study of the Northwest Detention Center, Finlay Adamson, Hamilton College

Narratives, Memories, and Healing: Understanding Addiction & Health Equity in Panjab, Harleen Kaur, Komal Kumar, Stanford University

The Miseducation of Marginalized Students: Why Listening Matters in College STEM Courses, Natalie Chapman & Eli Shi, Stanford University

Layers of Invisibility: The News Media’s Story Around Health for Older Adults, Mckenna Paluck, St. Catherine University

Trade-offs in Partisanship and Ethnic Identity: How Asian Americans Perceive Descriptive Representation, John Cho, Dartmouth College

Project Spring: Examining Risk and Protective Factors for Cigarette Smoking Among Transgender and Gender Expansive Individuals, Faith Koroma-Coker, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Just-Us: Young Black Women’s Perceptions on Justice, Inequality, and Liberation, Gabrielle Battle, Duke University

Complicating Narratives of Afro-Asian Solidarity: A “Distant Reading” of the 1955 Bandung Conference Proceedings, Nikhil Dharmaraj, Harvard College

4.30-5pm: Closing: Highlights from Day