2020 Engaged Scholarship & Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference -- ACCEPTED PRESENTERS

The following studies and undergraduate scholars were selected through a highly competitive process to present their work at the 2020 Engaged Scholarship and Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference. 

Health & Society

Reconsidering the role of help in late-life disability: A participatory exploration of the mechanisms between caregiving and social participation- Ethan Kahn, Harvard College

Despite All Odds: Black Mothers Birthing in Power through Support Networks in Mississippi- Sandra Ojeaburu, Harvard College

Making time for what matters: the social ramifications of the time-world in a Boston mobile medical clinic.- Jacqueline Brianna Zanders, Harvard College

My beauty is (not) my worth:  unpacking the rise of plastic surgery, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia among South Korean women- Anne Lheem, Harvard College

The Third Kitchen Project: Re-Embedding Cultural Foodways at Dartmouth College, Hanover  M. Vale, Dartmouth College

Life at the Margins

Statelessness and Jus Sanguines Citizenship: The United States’ Obligation to Forgotten Amerasian Children, Alexandra Alison Prendergast, Wesleyan University

Social Support in the Context of Familial Arrest: A Phenomenological Study of Black Mothers’ Perspectives, Sarah Grace Guillaume, Tulane University

From “Weirdos” to “Lovely People”: The Incorporation of Chinese Rural Subculture, Jiexin Zhou, Colorado College

Mapping Cape Town's Spatial Apartheid: Tracing the Grounded Realities of Homeless Capetonian Women and their Unmappable Spaces, Julianna Kardish, Harvard College

Policy & Community Impact

Brown University’s Impact on Providence Affordable Housing Opportunities, 1940 – Present- Nathaniel Pettit, Brown University

Understanding Immigrant Detention Beyond Walls: Dilley, Texas and The South Texas Family Residential Center, Maribel Nava, Harvard College

Domestic Labor and Workers’ Rights: Legislation and Consolidation of Labor Safeguards in Brazil- Gustavo de Almeida Silva, Dartmouth College

Analyzing Community-based Marine Resource Management Initiatives: A paired case study from Gazi, Kenya and Mod Tah Noi, Thailand-Cate Daniels, University of Denver

Representation & Politics

Religion or Re-Election? How Muslim Americans Running for Office Reconcile Their Religious Values with their Politically Liberal Decisions-Zainab Kahloon, Harvard College

Black Evangelicals and the Democratic Party: Intersectionality and the Myth of the Monolithic Black Vote, Meanna Gray, University of California-Berkley

The Politics of Representation: A Study on the Impact of Electoral Systems in the United States- Alicia Cantrell, Mills College

Health & Epistemic Justice

Incorporating Native Hawaiian Knowledge, Community, and Culture in Health Research: The Challenges of Multicultural Settler Colonialism- Julie Chung, Harvard College

Speaking for Ourselves: The Evolving Activism of Black Psychiatry from Integration to Black Power- Simone Dreux, Harvard College

Whose Schizophrenia? How Race, Class, and Gender Intersect with Conceptions of Psychiatric Diagnosis-Melisa Olgun, Wesleyan University

Becoming part of the system: The experiences of peer specialists in historical context- Emma Seevak, Harvard College

Poster Exhibit:

Understanding Social Media's Impact on Breastfeeding Black Millennials- Yasmin Lee, Elon University

Finding Socrates: Engaging with the Philosophies of the Displaced-Kiki Gilbert, Princeton University

Ethical Engagement: Evaluating Undergraduate Training for Service-Oriented Summer Programs-Catherine McMillan, Duke University

Media Biases and their Limitations on the #MeToo Movement- Jessica Michelle Castillo, Fairfield University

In the Name of Public Space: Social Justice and Ethnography at an Urban Public Library- Hannah Rogers, Connecticut College

Civic Youth Action Partnership- Noah Moyse, University of Pennsylvania

American Newspaper Coverage of Africa, 1994-2018- Amelia Pollard, Middlebury College

Decolonizing Indigenous Research: Cultural Resilience and the Value of Indigenous Knowledge-Matthew Ponticello, Cornell University

The Singapore Story: How the People’s Action Party Built Popular Support for Multicultural Government Policies- Ryan Zhang, Harvard College

Perceptions and Cultural Views of Medical Treatment among the Latinx Community-Ashley Sandoval, Boston College