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Joining a Shared Interest Group

For a list of Shared Interest Groups, please visit the Harvard Alumni Association Shared Interest Group Directory.

Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment

The Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment connects and serves the Harvard Alumni community to help achieve a consequential response to climate change and a more sustainable and just world.

President: Sanjay Seth MPA '19, MUP '19

Harvard Alumni Disaster Preparedness and Response Team

Connects alumni interested in helping individuals and communities prepare for and recover from disasters such as pandemics and storms. Activities include providing impacted alumni and their communities with free access to confidential advice from specialists, shipments of critical supplies, volunteers to work directly in the aftermath of an incident, and long term strategies to help communities plan their rebuilding efforts in areas such as urban planning, public health, and education.

President: Nermin Ahmad AB '78

Harvard Alumni for Education

Creates a strong, collaborative community of alumni leaders working in, and interested in, education. 

President: Shima Gholamimehrabadi EDM '14

Harvard Alumni for Global Women's Empowerment

HarvardGlobalWE is dedicated to the empowerment of women through education, dialogue and connection among individuals working for women's rights and freedoms worldwide. 

President: Sajida H. Shroff EDM '95

Phillips Brooks House Association-Alumni

Fosters relations among the alumni of PBHA and facilitates opportunities for continued public service.

President: Amy Schneider AB '74, MD '78

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