Vision Statement

Engaged Scholarship at Harvard College brings together academic work and community engagement through hands-on learning experiences in/with community beyond the Harvard context. By linking academic work to real-world questions, problems, and opportunities, Engaged Scholarship challenges students to integrate intellectual content with community perspectives, knowledge, and expertise. To inform and motivate rigorous scholarship and meaningful engagement with community, Engaged Scholarship:

  • Expands academic learning by integrating the community context into course content
  • Promotes the intellectual development of students while responding to community interests, needs and priority action areas
  • Embraces novel pedagogical approaches that strengthen existing programs and partnerships whenever possible, while cultivating new collaborations
  • Fosters informed and high quality engagement with community, which facilitates learning and understanding of course content
  • Nurtures and sustains reciprocal, respectful, and responsive relationships with communities
  • Fosters intellectual, social, personal, and institutional transformation to advance substantive and meaningful change for students and communities

Through hands-on experience, Engaged Scholarship develops students into engaged citizens and civic leaders who are equipped to respond to the opportunities and challenges facing the wider world through the discovery, integration, communication, and application of knowledge in service to society.