Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship

  • Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship Launch

    The Harvard community welcomes the Mindich family and thanks them for their gener

  • SS86CT Course Field Trip to Chinatown

    Engaged Scholarship Course Participants Get to Known the Chinatown Community

    Prof. Nicole Newendorp incorporates field experiences into her course, SOC-STD 68CT- The Chinese Immigrant Experience in America


The Engaged Scholarship Program is an exciting new initiative within the Phillips Brooks House Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship focused on integrating academics, public service and community engagement. By promoting curricular innovation that takes learning outside the classroom, Engaged Scholarship nurtures students’ intellectual development while responding to community needs and real-world issues. At the heart of the Mindich Program is the development of innovative new courses at Harvard College. Starting in this inaugural year, the Engaged Scholarship program will draw on students’ intellectual interests, commitment to service and community, to support the development and implementation of two courses per year (minimum) for the next seven years.