Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship

MPES Fall 2022 Courses

  • Get Real: The Art of Community Based Film

    Get Real: The Art of Community Based Film

    Fall 2020 Engaged Scholarship Course

  • Expos

    Expos 20: Segregation and Boston Schools: The Fight for Equality

    A student presents her work to community members.

  • HEB 1700

    HEB 1700: Human Evolutionary Biology in Society

    Students in Professor Bridget Alex’s course teach DNA extraction to middle school students in Malden, MA.

  • PSY

    PSY 1009: Psychology of Women

    Students attend the Legislative Education and Advocacy Day at the Massachusetts State House.

  • SLAVIC 189

    SLAVIC 189: The Other Russia: 21st Century Films, Fictions, and States of Mind

    Professor Sandler's students and Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly residents pose for a photo.

  • Social Studies 68

    SOC-STD 68UH: Urban Health and Community Change: Planning Action with Local Stakeholders

    Students in Professor Flavia Perea’s seminar present their plan of action to community stakeholders in Somerville, MA.

  • SOCIOL 182

    SOCIOL 182: Law and Society

    Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross and Deputy Superintendent Dennis White discuss police history with students.

The Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship (MPES) supports innovations in teaching and learning through civically engaged experiential learning in or with community beyond the Harvard context. By transcending the boundaries of the classroom, the MPES aims to link academics to real-world questions, problems, and opportunities, challenging students and faculty to integrate scholarship with community perspectives, knowledge, and expertise to have impact within and beyond the academy. At the heart of the MPES are Engaged Scholarship courses that advance curricular innovations through the integration of academics and community engagement.