Alene Anello

Alene Anello

I graduated from the college in 2010 and spent three years at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). I now go to the law school and run the...

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Cambridge, MA

Steven Arkow

Class of 1984, Assistant United States Attorney (United States Department of Justice).

Los Angeles, CA

Chris Bayley

I am College '60 and Law School '66. Public service has included  serving as King County Prosecuting Attorney for two terms, being a candidate for...

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Seattle, WA

Kelly Doran

I graduated from Harvard in 2002 and completed the CPIC program in San Francisco from 2002-2003. I'm currently an emergency physician and health services...

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New York, NY

Robert Ferri


Robert Ferri (MPA, 1986), Founder of San Francisco-based Robert Ferri Partners, is a shareholder-advisor to public and private technology...

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San Francisco, CA
Kate Garrett

Kate Garrett

Class of '76, running my own consulting practice focused on the measurement and improvement of the performance of non-profit organizations, especially...

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Brooklyn, NY
Andrew Hamm

Andrew Hamm

I graduated Harvard in 2012. The summer after I graduated, I did an internship with the Campaign for Youth Justice, which was followed by a year-long...

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Silver Spring, MD
Carmen Iguina

Carmen Iguina

Class of 2005. Work as an attorney at the ACLU of Southern California on immigrants' rights and police practices.

Los Angeles, CA