Public Service Network

The Public Service Network (PSN) is part of the rich history of the Phillips Brooks House, and encompasses over 30 programs that offer an array of opportunities for students to work alongside community, organizations and schools who provide an array of health, educational and advocacy services. Public Service Network programs are partnered with community-based non-profits that serve the greater Boston and Cambridge community, as well as nationally coordinated issue-based advocacy campaigns and international development projects. 

The Public Service Network (PSN) advises and supports independent student-led public service groups officially recognized by the Office of Student Life. The PSN office provides training and technical support and resources to student organizations interested in participating in public service. For more information on programs and resources, please contact the office directly. 

PSN Programs include but are not limited to: CityStep, TeamHBV, REACH, KDSAP, ASK, Harvard Partners In Health, Developers for Developments, VeriTutors, FoodLab for Kids, Science Club for Girls, Project Sunshine, StoryTime Players, Stories for Children, Harvard Program in International Education, Harvard EVKids, Alberta V. Scott Mentorship Program, Act on a Dream, MIHUNET, HarvardCollege Coaches, High School CityServe, Green Medicine Initiative, Harvard Cancer Society, Harvard College Special Olympics, and Harvard U Raisiing Autism Awareness and many others.