2022 Scholarship & Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference -- ACCEPTED PRESENTERS

The following studies and undergraduate scholars were selected through a highly competitive process to present their work at the 2022 Scholarship and Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference. The full schedule for Day 2 (Friday, April 15, 2022) of the conference is listed below.

9:00-9:45am: Keynote address Why Justice Matters 

Guest: Monique Morris, EdD with Timothy Patrick McCarthy, PhD 

10:00-11:15am: Session One:  

Panel A: Health Equity & Access, Flavia Peréa, PhD, Harvard College (Student Chair: Leslie Arroyo) 

Telehealth and Health Equity: Analyzing the Impact of State Telehealth Policies on the Use of Telehealth Services Among Vulnerable Populations During the COVID-19 Pandemic (R23), Nathnael Mengistie, Princeton University 

A Multi-Issue Struggle: Reproductive Justice as the Future of Reproductive Advocacy Efforts (R13), Farimata Mbaye, Harvard College 

Nā Leo o Ke Kānaka Pasifika i ka Lōkahi Ma Waena o Nā ʻIke ʻŌiwi a Me Ke Olakino: Community Voices on Culturally Grounded Health Care for Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders Living in the Continental United States, (R29), Dayton "Buddy" Kalanikumupa'a Seto Myers, Stanford University 

Panel B: Colonialism & Diaspora: Illuminating the Margins, Cori Tucker-Price, PhD, Dartmouth College & Harvard College (Student Chair: Sydney Lewis) 

Things Adrift: Feminist Refuge-Making Craft in Trinh Mai and Yeji Moon's Sculpture (R8), Kelsey Chen, Harvard College 

Gade Tèt Ou, Moom Sa Bopp (R10), Aliou Jabari Kamau Gambrel, Cornell University 

Ensuring Domestic Utility: Coerced Affective Labor and American Empire Building (R17), Maya M. Jenkins, Harvard College 

Poster Viewing 11:15am - 12:15pm

12:30-1:45pm: Session Two:  

Panel C: Decentering Norms, Discussant: Timothy Patrick McCarthy, PhD, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Student Chair: Nayleth Lopez-Lopez) 

Beyond Beauty: Cosmetic Surgery Practices as a Design Technology for Self-Making, Social Belonging, and Nation Building in 21st Century South Korea" (R16) Anne Lheem, Harvard College 

A Problematic Provocation: The role of gender identity on assessments of guilt and criminal culpability in a mock jury decision-making paradigm"(R2) Kayla McKeon, Amherst College 

"Ah pretty face and bad character": From Reputation to Radical Care in Dancehall (R38) Gabrielle Mahabeer, University of Chicago 

Panel D: Justice, Advocacy & Policy, Daniel Lobo, PhD Candidate, University of California-Berkeley (Student Chair: Mariana Haro) 

Place, Race, and Punishment: The Spatial Patterning of Incarceration in New York State (R9), Alexandra Gibbons, Cornell University 

The Texas Abortion Ban and Title IX Plans: Investigating Institutional Support for Pregnant and Parenting Community College Students (R24) Millie Hernandez, Princeton University 

New title: Counterfactually Fair Screening with Resume Correspondence Experiments (old title: Fair Classification in Hiring: Learning from Audit Studies) (R35), Batu El, Tulane University 

Analysis of Land Surface Temperatures in Redlined Areas of Greater Boston (R33), Rene LaPointe Jameson, Tufts University 

Panel E: Education, & Social Action, Patrick Reyes, PhD (Student Chair: Tiffany Onyeiwu) 

Fulfilling the Lasallian Mission: A Socio-Ecological Evaluation of Manhattan College’s Diversity,  

Equity, and Inclusion Climate (R21), Alixandria James, Manhattan College 

“Conscientizar” The Development of Sociopolitical Consciousness Through Action in Salinas Youth of Color (R33), Angela Gomez, Stanford University 

Does the Model Minority Myth act as a barrier for intra-minority solidarity? Investigation of common in-group identity and political solidarity amongst racial minorities. (R34), Uyen Chu, Tufts University 

2:00-3:00pm: Research Roundtables 

Roundtable 1: Andrea Wright, PhD, Harvard College (Student Chair: Asa Coleman) 

Social Determinants of Health: Implementing Pilot Screening of Patient Needs in Clinical Units of Massachusetts General Hospital (RT5), Brammy Rajakumar, Harvard College 

Social Constructions of Mental Illness: Understanding Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia from a Biosocial Lens (RT7), Varshini S. Odayar, Harvard College 

Addressing Food Insecurity in Boston (RT10), Margaret Clark, Northeastern University 

Roundtable 2: Julie Reuben, PhD, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Student Chair: Hayat Muse) 

"Numbers are Power”: Asian American and Filipinx American Community Organizers, the AAPI Label, and the Census (RT11), Dori-Taylor Carter, Northwestern University 

"The Colectiva Feminista en Construcción strategy against the gender-based violence: the State of Emergency declaration on gender violence as an imperative response and an approach to the punitive colonial governance in Puerto Rico" (RT14), Isabelle N Hernandez Repollet, University of Puerto Rico 

Urban Native Health Care in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Envisioning Beyond Self-Determination (RT22), Hema Patel, Yale College 

3:00-3:15pm: Final Reflections & Closing 

Travis Lovett, Assistant Dean for Civic Engagement and Service