FAS Standing Committee for Public Service

The FAS Standing Committee on Public Service is comprised of several members of the faculty as well as student representatives. The Committee considers the role of volunteer programs in the educational life of students. The Committee uses meetings to examine and discuss issues within the area of public service. In recent years, the committee has devoted extensive time to developing ways to bridge students’ academic and public service experiences.


  • Jim KloppenbergCharles Warren Professor of American History
  • Caroline LightLecturer and Director of Program in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


  • Anya Bassett: Senior Lecturer on Social Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham: Victor S. Thomas Professor of History and of African and African American Studies
  • Andrew Clark: Senior Lecturer on Music and Director of Choral Activities
  • Scott V. Edwards: Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology & Alexander Professor of Zoology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology
  • Sarah Lewis: Assistant Professor, Departments of History of Art and Architecture and African and African American Studies
  • Laurence Ralph: Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies and of Anthropology
  • Carlos Diaz Rosillo: Allston Burr House Dean of Dunster House; Lecturer on Government
  • Doris Sommer: Ira and Jewell Williams, Jr. Professor of Romance Languages and Literature and Department of African and African American Studies
  • Dustin Tingley: Paul Sack Associate Professor of Political Economy in Department of Government
  • Chris Winship: Diker-Tishman Professor of Sociology


  • Tamara Brenner: Managing Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Gene Corbin: Assistant Dean of Harvard College for Public Service
  • Varsha Ghosh: Program Manager of the Public Service Network
  • Maria Dominguez Gray: Class of 1955 Executive Director of the Phillips Brooks House Association
  • Laura Hess: Associate Director, Program of General Education
  • Travis Lovett: Director of the Center for Public Interest Careers of Harvard College
  • Robin Mount: Director of the Office of Career Services
  • Flavia C. Peréa: Director of the Mindich Program for Engaged Scholarship
  • Stephanie Ralston Khurana: Co-Master of Cabot House
  • Michael Ranen: Resident Dean of Freshman
  • Maggie Williams: Director of the Institute of Politics


  • Joanne Crandall: Junior in Lowell House
  • William Greenlaw: Junior in Pforzheimer House concentrating in Government
  • Farris Peale: Sophomore in Quincy House concentrating in Government
  • Austin Sowa: Junior in Pforzheimer House concentrating in Government
  • Alan Yang: Junior in Quincy House concentrating in Molecular & Cellular Biology


  • Rakesh Khurana: Dean of Harvard College; Co-Master of Cabot House