Post-Graduate Opportunities

Public Service Recruiting Day

Public Service Recruiting Day is a bold effort to connect leading public service organizations with students to conduct one-on-one interviews with seniors and speak about post-graduate employment and fellowships. Public Service Recruiting Day for the Class of 2022 will be scheduled for Fall 2021.  

Offices Supporting Post-Graduate Service

Institute of Politics Office of Career Services

The IOP Office of Career Services (IOP OCS) supports student exploration of careers in public service. The IOP OCS informs students about ways to serve and how pursue job opportunities in the public sector.

Office of Career Services

The Office of Career Services offers funding for students to pursue post-graduate experiences in public service, such as the Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellowship and the Postgraduate Public Service Fellowships like the Pforzheimer and Richardson fellowships.

Phillips Brooks House Association

Established in 1983, Priscilla Chan Stride Service Program (formerly known as Stride Rite) supports students of diverse economic and social backgrounds as they become leaders in their communities, both as undergraduates and beyond. To do this, the program provides reflection and skill development opportunities, mentorship, and financial assistance.

PBHA’s Priscilla Chan Stride Service Program Postgraduate Fellowships are intended for Harvard seniors who were devoted to service as undergraduates, and who demonstrate a future lifetime commitment to service. The spirit of the award is to provide fellows with the opportunity to put their vision for social change into action. Each fellow is awarded up to $30,000.

The grant money from the Phillips Brooks House Association is intended to support the fellow’s living expenses as they work on a public interest project full-time in the year following graduation.

Funding Sources

Harvard students are eligible for a number of fellowships both through the University and outside organizations. The list below will be updated as deadlines become available.

Name of Program/Grant Deadline Amount
Sheldon and Trustman Traveling Fellowships Deadline: TBA $24,000
Bryanston and Shrewsbury (English School) Teaching Fellowships Deadline: TBA £6,500
Carl and Lily Pfhorzheimer Foundation Public Service Fellowships Deadline: TBA $3,000-$7,000
Priscilla Chan Stride Service Program Deadline: TBA up to $30,000

Elliot L. and Anne R. Richardson Fund for Fellowship in Public Service

Deadline: TBA up to $30,000
Laura Houghteling Memorial Fellowship for Elementary or Secondary Teaching Deadline: TBA $4,000

Advising: Resources for Seniors & Recent Graduates

Advising: Resources for Seniors & Recent Graduates

For students looking for post-graduate employment in public service, we have compiled a list of resources that we think might be helpful for you. Staff members at CPIC, IOP and OCS can help you to make connections with a wide range of nonprofit and government agencies. Contact Travis LovettAmy Howell or Nicole Satyanarayan if you need help!

Advising: On-Campus Resources

Crimson Careers - Harvard database compiling jobs from different sectors. These postings by the OCS are for Harvard students only! Opportunities include: 

  • Non-profit, engineering, and other diverse internships
  • Jobs in all areas around the country, and some international positions
  • Funding opportunities from Harvard Centers and departments
  • Jobs posted by Harvard alumni
  • Public Service Recruiting Program jobs
  • On-Campus Interviewing Program internships and jobs

CPIC Twitter Feed - CPIC staff regularly update the CPIC Twitter account with new jobs in the public interest sector. 

IOP Job Resources - IOP staff have compiled a list of different resources for students to find jobs in the political/government sector. 

Advising: Off-Campus Resources

CommonGood Careers - Commongood Careers is a mission-driven search firm that is committed to social impact. Its purpose is to support the hiring needs of organizations that are dedicated to tackling today’s most pressing social problems.

Foundation Center Job Database - provides listings of current full-time job openings at U.S. based foundations and nonprofit organizations. 

Idealist - connects people to the opportunities, community, and resources they need in order to take action and create a better world. Idealist Careers is hub of informative context that focuses on how to find social-impact careers. 

Sustainable - serves as a central database for green careers. 

USAJobs - compiles jobs from across the country in local, state, and federal government. 

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network - operates a list-serve where jobs are frequently posted in cities across the U.S.