Harvard Serves Everywhere: Virtual Volunteering

Harvard Serves Everywhere

Launched alongside Global Youth Service Day, Harvard Serves Everywhere is a virtual volunteer platform connecting students with community partners.  Students, click on the search postings button to see the latest volume of Harvard Serves Everywhere.  Organizations seeking virtual volunteers should click on the submit posting button to share opportunities with students.  Students, please take two minutes to sign up for Harvard Serves Everywhere.  We will circulate announcements out to students every two weeks during the fall semester.

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This is a short list of ways students can virtually volunteer:

  • support your local mutual aid network
  • donate blood
  • organize a food drive
  • organize a clothing drive
  • be an advocate for vulnerable communities
  • provide translation services
  • tutor and mentor youth
  • vote and help others register
  • keep in touch with seniors
  • support a digital Earth Day activity
  • help small claims legal services
  • provide technical support
  • support a crisis text line
  • share facts about social distancing
  • support small businesses


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