Training Library
A wide variety of ready-to-use facilitator's guides, handouts and materials are available for loan from the Whitlock on the second floor of Phillips Brooks House. Contact us at to schedule an appointment or find a resource. 

Funding and Staff Support 
If you would like additional support planning a workshop, staff are available by appointment to help! The BPSA can also provide funding for trainings under certain circumstances. Contact us with 
as much detail as possible. Someone will contact you within the week to schedule a further conversation. Try to plan 4-6 weeks in advance depending on the depth and scale of your desired offering. 

Web Resources

Training for Change Toolbox:

An array of already designed activities and templates for facilitating your groups work on everything from conflict resolution to organizational strategy.

Bonner Training Modules Online: Facilitator's guides created with college students in mind. Includes a great version of the Leadership Compass and much more!

MindTools: Lots of leadership tools for time management, self care and organization. A good resource for you, or use it to build trainings for volunteers.

PBHA Program Directors have access to Training and Reflection Resource folders through's Drive.

Have a great resource to share with others? Contact us to submit a document or link and brief description.