Working with the Elderly

  • Intergenerational Learning.


Poem by a volunteer reflecting on time with elderly in 2010:
"Elderly Affairs at PBHA helped me pave the way
quirky, humanity, love,
and impacted lives,
heart-lifting live-changing experience,
helped me to realize world is good,
has brought smiling faces,
the residents are past, present and future together.
They appreciate us."

Working with the Elderly is a 2-hour training that prepare participants with the knowledge and approaches to work with elderly people. This training is highly recommended for all new volunteers with Elderly programs.

Saturday, February 11th, 2017: 12pm-2pm

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Topics include:
  • Facts and Myths about aging
  • Techniques for service in elderly homes
  • Scenarios to address challenges of the work
Questions, please contact Patty Chindapol.