Working with the Elderly

  • Intergenerational Learning.


Working with the Elderly is a 3-hour training that prepare participants with the knowledge and approaches to work with elderly people. This training is highly recommended for all new volunteers with Elderly programs.

Feb 28th - 1:00pm-4:00pm

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Topics include:
  • Facts and Myths about aging
  • Techniques for service in elderly homes
  • Scenarios to address challenges of the work


Poem by a volunteer reflecting on time with elderly in 2010:
"Elderly Affairs at PBHA helped me pave the way
quirky, humanity, love,
and impacted lives,
heart-lifting live-changing experience,
helped me to realize world is good,
has brought smiling faces,
the residents are past, present and future together.
They appreciate us."
Questions, please contact Ahmad Alnasser.