Student Organization Benefits & Requirements


  • Technical Assistance in fundraising, volunteer management, developing program in ESL/ESOL, youth programming, civic engagement, curriculum development, community organizing, international projects, successful community partnerships.
  • Training for mentors, tutors in youth programs, teachers of ESL/ESOL, leading campaigns, grant-writing and other workshops upon request.
  • Space in Phillips Brooks House, and Harvard Yard
  • Funding through President's Public Service Fund, the Office for the Arts, and the Undergraduate Council, as well as the Harvard COOP and Memorial Church (there is a grant application process).
  • Promotion, all affiliated programs are invited to participate in the First-Year Activities Fair and are included in the Public Service Directory.


To remain in good standing for these privileges, all programs must complete the following requirements. Failure to do the following will result in ineligibility for departmental resources, technical assistance, training, space, funding and promotion. Ultimately groups will lose recognized status within the Dean of Students Office and our department if the following is not provided:

  • Compliance with all requirements of registered student organizations, as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook
  • Attend the once a semester meeting for groups affiliated with the department
  • Meet with your advisor each semester to review strategic planning, risk management, community impact, and training and reflection protocols with our staff
  • Each semester, coordinate a site visit with a staff advisor.
  • Comply with all requests for data and information.