Program Management Certificate

  • Management. Goals. Vision.

"It was very informative, confidence-building and engaging. As someone who's not yet directing, it really gave me good background on a lot of issues that I can hopefully be better prepared about."
                                                                      - Certificate Graduate and Volunteer, '14

Spring 2021 PMC Dates - for current or rising Directors:
Program Management Certificate will be conducted over 5 weekly sessions, in order to create a sustainable training environment without taking up too much time while online. The sessions will be at the following times. Attendance for ALL is mandatory.

Tues, Feb. 2nd, 7:30pm-8:30pm

Sat, Feb. 13th, 11am-12:30pm

Sat, Feb. 27th 11am - 4pm (with lunch break!)

 (must attend all)

Note: After School Leadership Intensive (ASLI) counts as PMC for youth program directors

Friday, Feb 26th, 12:30pm-4:15pm and Sat, Feb 27th,11am-4pm
Every service program aims to partner with community, make a great experience for volunteers, and have an impact on constituents. Programs are only as good as their leaders. Directors manage a vision and the logistics and be more than just a volunteer. The Program Management Certificate is professionally designed to include essential tools applicable to all volunteer programs. By attending, directors build their own skills while learning ways to improve their programs. As part of a small learning community, directors also build lasting relationships with other programs, enabling better collaboration and best practice sharing. 

    PMC is recommended for rising leaders of any service program (desire to become director in the future or stepping into the role next semester) and required of PBHA student directors in their first semester in leadership if not already completed. Please contact Ali Barker with any questions regarding PMC. Click here to register for the PMC training.

    The following topics will add to your manager skillset:
    • Visioning, Goal Setting and Leadership 
    • Working with Communities 
    • Volunteer Management and Meeting Facilitation
    • Finances and Fundraising
    • Program Assessment and Evaluation