Tutor Certificate

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"Awesome! I loved the interactivity, energy and specificity."
                                    -Tutor, Marshall School Program


Spring 2019 Training:

All Afterschool Tutor Summit! Saturday, February 9, 10am-3pm, SOCH Penthouse

Tutor Certificate Make-Up, February 23rd, 11am-3pm, PBH

The tutor certificate is mandatory for new volunteers in PBHA tutoring programs, and strongly recommended for new PSN tutoring program volunteers. Volunteers should attend before beginning starting to tutor any youth, and need only attend the training once.

Register here!

The training covers:

  • The Asset Based Approach to Positive Youth Development
  • Tools for Tutoring (Meta-cognition and Scaffolding)
  • The Cooperative Discipline Approach to Behavior Management
  • Safety, Boundaries and Inclusion

Check with your program director about the time to register, or sign up individually! Please contact Ahmad Alnasser if you have any questions. Click here to register for the Tutor Certificate training


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