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2020 Boston Placements

Boston Health Care for the Homeless - Summer Fellow

This opportunity is co-sponsored by Harvard Global Health Institute

Thousands of individuals find themselves homeless in greater Boston every year. Among them are chronically ill adults, veterans, families with school­-age children, and older adults. They are the people who stay in emergency shelters or motel rooms, eat in soup kitchens, or visit drop­-in centers. They are also the individuals who find themselves on the streets, trying to survive in makeshift shelters under bridges, down alleyways, and behind city buildings. Over 12,000 patients experiencing homelessness are cared for by Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program each year. We are committed to ensuring that every one of these individuals has access to comprehensive health care, from preventative dental care to cancer treatment. Our clinicians, case managers, and behavioral health professionals work in more than 60 locations to deliver the highest quality health care to some of our community’s most vulnerable—and most resilient—citizens.

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Please Note: This internship is co-sponsored with the Harvard Global Health Institute (HGHI). The primary affiliation is with CPIC, so CPIC will be the point of contact during the application and internship onboarding process. The intern selected for this internship will have the obligations and benefits of an intern in both programs.

Commonwealth Corporation - Summer Fellow

Commonwealth Corporation is Massachusetts' public-private corporation dedicated to workforce development, youth employment, and economic development. It is part of the executive branch of Massachusetts state government, has a $55 million annual operating budget, and employs about 50 full-time staff members at its main headquarters in Boston and Western Massachusetts offices.

Commonwealth Corporation functions in part like a foundation, in part like a think tank, and in part like a direct service organization. We work with private companies, colleges, and community-based organizations to train Massachusetts employees, educate the next generation of workers in Massachusetts, and promote the state's overall economic leadership.

Previous fellos have worked to support the analysis and writing of an updated research report on Signal Success ( and 
contribute to the overhaul/ re-design of the YouthWorks data book (


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Community Work Services

Community Work Services was founded in 1877 as the Cooperative Society of Visitors Among the Poor of Boston to provide services to the poor of Boston and address the roots of poverty through employment, education, and housing improvements. Our founder, Annie Fields, is said to have been a transitional figure in the development of a professional social-service network. Mrs. Fields hoped to apply business principles and efficiency to benevolent activities and charity work. For over 140 years, CWS has stayed true to the mission set by our Founders while also expanding the scope of our programs and widening the range of the populations and geography we serve. CWS is a subsidiary of the national organization FedCap, and CWS New England's operating budget for FY2020 is approx. $4 million.

Breaktime Cafe, Inc. is under the fiscal sponsorship of Community Work Services, and this is where our Fellow will primarily be working. Breaktime is a youth-led non-profit social enterprise started at Harvard University that launches the careers of young adults experiencing homelessness through transitional employment and empowerment. They tackle and prevent long-term chronic homelessness through early intervention and providing accessible pathways to launching a career. Breaktime believes that every young adult experiencing homelessness deserves the chance to take control of their own careers and destinies, and ultimately find their way home.

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Corporate Accountability - Research Intern

Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying our planet. We run campaigns challenging the fossil fuel industry, private water, fast food and tobacco. We have a 40 year track record of mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people around the world to ensure the most dangerous corporations and their proxies answer for the destruction they cause. 

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Emergency Medicine Network at Massachusetts General Hospital - Research Fellow

EMNet's mission is to advance public health objectives through diverse projects in emergency care, particularly multicenter clinical research. All EMNet programs are based at the EMNet Coordinating Center (ECC) at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. EMNet involves 245 medical centers: 204 US and 41 International. Thousands of additional sites have completed EMNet surveys. The network focuses on three areas:

1) Respiratory/allergy emergencies, through the Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC). MARC is an international research network focusing on asthma, COPD, anaphylaxis, bronchiolitis and other similar disorders.

2) Health services in emergency care, which includes the National ED Inventories (NEDI) along with patient safety and workforce studies.

3) Other public health projects, focusing on mental health emergencies and diverse topics. The ED Safety Assessment & Follow-up Evaluation (ED-SAFE), surveys, and analysis of large datasets are the core activities of this program.

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Generation Citizen - Community Change Fellow

Generation Citizen (GC) works to ensure that every student in the United States receives an effective action civics education, which provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as active citizens. We inspire civic participation through a proven state standards-aligned action civics class that gives students the opportunity to experience real-world democracy.

About the Community Change Fellowship Program: The Generation Citizen Community Change Fellowship (CCF) is an internship opportunity for high-performing GC high school alumni to continue their community engagement after the semester in a professional political environment. Fellows hold a stipend-paid summer internship in political, advocacy, and governmental offices and receive staff-led professional development throughout the summer and subsequent school year. CCF helps students cultivate their leadership in and advance their commitment to the public advocacy sphere. Coming out of the Fellowship, these young leaders are committed to long-term civic engagement. Since the CCF launched in 2014, Fellows have been paired with advocacy and community organizations like the Boston Education Justice Alliance, as well as the offices of several elected officials.

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Greater Boston Legal Services - Children's Disability Project Fellow

GBLS represents low-income individuals and families in Boston and 31 additional cities and towns in the Greater Boston area, assisting individual clients to secure some of the most basic necessities of life as well as addressing systemic problems that adversely impact their lives. We also represent community groups in advancing the interests of their low-income constituents and provide community legal education. We give advice and represent people in court, before agencies, and before city councils and the state legislature. In 2015, GBLS provided critical legal assistance to more than 10,000 low-income people for whom we handled over 12,000 matters.

GBLS’ Children’s Disability Project (CDP) provides legal assistance and representation to families with children with disabilities who are navigating the complex regulations that govern continued Supplemental Security Income (SSI) eligibility. The project also advises parents on their children’s special education rights, maintains a website to serve as a resource to legal representatives of children with disabilities, and engages in systemic advocacy to improve the way that the Social Security Administration (SSA) handles cases of children with disabilities. The project also conducts outreach and community legal education. As a result of CDP’s work, children with disabilities are able to obtain wrongfully-denied SSI benefits that help stabilize their lives and allow them to remain in their communities. GBLS is the only legal aid provider in Massachusetts with a project that is completely focused on the rights of children with disabilities to SSI benefits.

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GreenLight Fund - Summer Fellow

The GreenLight Fund is a national 501(c)(3) organization that brings innovative approaches to make measurable social change in our communities. We work in our growing network of cities to help transform the lives of low-­income children, youth and families who live in high poverty areas by importing high­-performing, innovative nonprofits that have proven results in other communities.

GreenLight was founded in Boston in 2004 and now operates in Boston, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Cincinnati and Detroit. Collectively in 2015, the 18 organizations in the GreenLight Fund portfolio reached more than 65,000 children and families with proven, life­-changing programs. At its current rate of expansion, GreenLight expects to reach 1M children, youth, and families in 10 cities by 2026.

The GreenLight site network is supported by a small headquarters team consisting of a National Executive Director, Operations and Finance Director, National Portfolio Director (based in Bay Area), Senior Advisor for External Affairs, and two associates. The Fellow will provide support across the national team.

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Immigrants Like Us

Immigrants Like Us (“ILU”) is a nonprofit that was founded to expand access to legal immigration for low-income immigrants. ILU provides a Turbo Tax-style technology platform that prepares immigration applications for free. Low-income users and those seeking humanitarian relief also receive pro bono attorney support with their applications.

ILU was started in 2019 by co-founders of, a nonprofit founded in Harvard Law’s A2J Lab and incubated in the premier Silicon Valley startup accelerator, Y-Combinator. Since 2016, Upsolve has rapidly grown to become the largest legal service provider in America for bankruptcy. In 2019, Fast Company named Upsolve the “World Changing Idea of the Year” in Social Justice. In 2018, the New York Times gave Upsolve the “Good Tech Award.” ILU is now replicating Upsolve’s proven "model to scale its immigration service nationally for asylum, family reunification, and naturalization services.

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Mass Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, more commonly known as the T, is one of the oldest public transit systems in the United States. It's also the largest transit system in Massachusetts. 

As a division of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the MBTA provides subway, bus, Commuter Rail, ferry, and paratransit service to eastern Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is the public agency responsible for operating most public transportation services in Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition - Summer Fellow

Founded in 1987, the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) is the largest organization in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees. We serve the Commonwealth's one million foreign-born residents with policy analysis and advocacy, institutional organizing, training and leadership development, strategic communications, citizenship assistance, and AmeriCorps initiatives that provide capacity-building for community-based and legal services organizations. The Coalition involves an active membership of over 130 organizations, including community-based groups, social service organizations, ethnic associations, schools, refugee resettlement agencies, health centers, hospitals, religious institutions, unions and law firms, as well as thousands of individual members, contributors, and allies. We also serve immigrants in New Hampshire through our affiliate, the New Hampshire Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees (NHAIR).

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Teach for America - Summer Fellow

Teach For America’s Vision: One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.
Teach For America’s Mission: Teach For America finds, develops, and supports a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shapes the broader systems in which schools operate.
We currently work in 51 regions across the country with a staff size around 1,800 employees. Staff members work on one of our 51 regional teams or 15 national teams. Regional teams advance TFA’s work at the local level. Our national staff provides direction and support for TFA’s work all over the country. Team members have expertise in areas such as marketing, finance, recruitment, and teacher preparation. They work in collaboration with regional teams to make a strong, unified organization.

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