Pedro De Abreu

Pedro De Abreu

Assistant to the Assistant Dean
Pedro De Abreu, headshot

As Assistant to the Assistant Dean, Pedro De Abreu supports the Assistant Dean and the Directors/Program Managers of CPIC, PBHA, and PSN. Support includes CPIC summer fellowship applications, event management, student organization, and housing applications. He works with the Building Manager and students to ensure that the building is maintained, to include establishing and enhancing room reservations, locker assignments, and other building resources. He also manages current renovation projects, establishes and sets receptionist duties, provides support to staff and communicates with the FAS Information Technology office.

At Harvard, Pedro is a Co-Instructor and Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, directs the Artificial Intelligence, Brain, and Cognitive Sciences thematic within The Future Society at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and leads senior thesis workshops with Mind, Brain, Behavior Harvard University seniors. In his free time, Pedro enjoys having deep conversations with friends, volunteering, cycling, running, writing, and reading philosophy, poetry, classical studies in social, developmental, and cognitive psychology and neuroscience, as well as fiction and non-fiction. *photo by Arpi Youssoufian

Contact Information

Philips Brooks House, 3rd Floor, Rm 302
1 Harvard Yard,
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-496-4171
Office Hours: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Phillips Brooks House